SHAH RUKH KHAN SUGGESTED BRAD PITT | Shah Rukh Khan smiled and advised Brad Pitt to “just stand there and open your arms wide.”

“You have to make time for yourself, time for your family. It is not so difficult to keep a balance. I’m able to compartmentalise very well,” Brad said when discussed with Shah Rukh Khan ,about Brad Pitt Married life with Angelina Jolie.

“I would put a helmet on and roam around on an Enfield,” BradPitt said, during a discussion with actor Shah Rukh Khan and during Brad Pitt visit to Pune and Mumbai for shooting of Angelina Jolie’s film A Mighty Heart.

Shah Rukh Khan Suggested Brad Pitt About Angelina Jolie

Shah Rukh Khan assured him,”We will make you dance in Bollywood. We make everyone dance in Bollywood”.

Are Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt together again

Brad smiled and joked as he attempted SRK’s signature move,”Really? Then it would be the first film I ever dance in”.

When asked the secret behind their long careers, Brad said: “I try to reinvent constantly. And fortunately we were about to survive our mistakes.”

When we talk about scripts(Discussion is on when he is being interviewed and discussed with )”For me, it is more about who is telling the story. It starts from a script, a piece of writing. I don’t know about Shah Rukh but I want to surround myself with friends.”

Shah Rukh Khan accepted this and said “Sometimes, I don’t even want to know the story. I just want to know who’s telling it.”

Brad Pitt ‘s Movie War Machine

Brad said that he wanted to carry forward the legacy of great war movies like Dr Strangelove, MASH and Catch-22.Brad Pitt have many expectations about his film “war machine” and war machine is being released on Netflix.Netflix is launching war machine.Yes, Brad Pitt expert at war machine.


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