Is Angelina Jolie dating a British man after divorce with Brad Pitt

Is Angelina Jolie dating a British man after divorce with Brad Pitt | Is it a rumour or a true story but is a definite thing that Angeline Jolie is finalizing this step to take a divorce form Brad Pitt and she already filed a divorce case in court and her pleaders or lawyers are on their way to plead the case.


If Angelina Jolie get marriage now , she is going to have a fourth husband  and it is like a phenomena that a hollywood girl is having a fourth marriage and she is still happy with everything. But Brad on other side is saddened by this news and says that we are securing our children by divorce decision. Actually Brad Pitt is not happy to take this decision as case was filed by Angelina Jolie , the reason behind this may be the child abuse case but now they are unhappy to settle their mutual understanding.Let ‘s see where the wind blows.

BRAD PITT IS TOP MOST HOLLYWOOD PAID ACTOR AND ANGELINA JOLIE IS TOP MOST PAID HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS BUT ONE WONDERS FOR THIS SITUATION, THIS COUPLE IS SO MUCH MATURE AS THEY ALREADY HAVE MARRIAGES BEFORE MARRIAGE WITH EACH OTHER.Then how it can be expected that they are divorcing with each other.Near to audience , they should understand each other , if any mistake or abuse case is there, they must have excuse each other as this couple is so much wished by public and they want them not to seperate each other.As Angelina Jolie is best actress and hollywood talented actress , she should make a right decision or she must rethink over this case as marriage does not mean if some commits a mistake , there is always a space for excuse.


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